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John Momix Barrella

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A Street Dance Educator, Choreographer, Performer, Consultant & Company Director.  John's work is based around the street dance culture. His work utilizes a range of arts influences with techniques based in locking, popping, b-boy, and hip hop. As a performer, John works as a solo artist in collaboration with members of the hip hop community.  He has been a featured dancer in music videos "HSKT" by Tenin and "Get Away" by Allissia, among others.  His unique approach to movement has been placed on dancers in countless schools in and out of the United States.  John is the director, of "The Redef Movement: Artists of Street Dance.  He is also an adjunct professor for hip hop at Rider University. Notable influences on his work include Tom McKie, Spex, Brian Green, Bev Brown, Jazzy J, Sekou, Pavan Thimmiah and more.


In recent years, John has developed a curriculum and program that trains teachers in hip hop terminology and technique, applying it to class structure.  This program, "Essentials for Dance Education" has been implemented in classrooms around the world and has offered countless teachers a look into his own method of instruction classes and events are designed to teach aspiring dancers the fundamentals of street and hip hop dance, as a freestyle art and techiques to master choreography.  His goals are to inspire people to be artists and push themselves creatively and positively both in and outside the dance studio. John will be bringing his energy to the floor for your student on the 23rd .We plan on having him back this winter to train all the teachers in this very exciting art form!  Back by popular demand!! 

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