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After 32 years as a competition owner, you can well imagine that I've spoken to many dance teachers along the way. The owners were always looking for something different, something other than competitive dance.  They convinced me that something else was needed. I listened and Pure Performance was born.

We offer students a day of educational dance, where they can take class with four awesome master teachers and choreographers.  They also can bring a piece, pieces or a work in progress to perform and be discussed live, with all four of our professional teachers.  Costumes are not permited, normal dance attire is all that is needed.

The students will wear a number throughout the day, much like an audition.  Our master teachers will be watching them in each class and of course their own performance.  Since there won't be hundreds of students on the floor, only 60 to be exact, the kids get to meet and mingle with other dancers. There will be free snacks and refreshments throughout the day.  Dancers are permitted to bring in a lunch, as well.

The teachers may take classes, take notes, take videos (if approved by the teacher) or take a break and enjoy a free lunch!  The venue is at Cedarbrook Country Club in Blue Bell, PA. It is just beautiful and perfect for the event.  Large windows surround the room and overlook the golf course and gorgeous fall colors. Very low keyed and definitely no stress.

Due to the space limitation and possibily Covid regulations, only teacher's and students are permited.  This truly is just a day for you and your kids.

I encourage you to join us on October 22nd. It's a day like no other!

"Be Happy and Dance"

Cathy Tubolino


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